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Glowing sparks in the darkness...maybe the cause for universe? picture: Gabriele Mehl/

Glowing sparks in the darkness…maybe the cause for universe? picture: Gabriele Mehl/

Many brilliant heads pondered on some questions for centuries: What is time, how does the universe function and what is it all about with dimensions? It could be read frequentlly in the last time, that considerable physicists like for example Brian Greene would like to see alternative approaches, more fantasy in science. Well, my thoughts are surely not necessarily considerable, I can serve with fantasy, however. Please regard the following as a thought experiment, some crazy idea if you like. Its fascinaction on me is strong enough however, that I don’t want to reproach it to you.

The following idea developed, due to my inattentiveness. I went walking with my dogs. Deeply in thoughts, I suddenly found myself in the brook. If 80 kilograms of dog, distributed on two animals decide, it’s playtime now and the human behind, doesn’t watch out, this can happen. So I stood in the brook, looking against the river direction. And suddenly there it was, this certain idea: This is exactly, what time looks like! It flows through me, while I stand still. The flow of the time produces the effect that it seems to elapse, which is correct from my point of view at least. Doing this to me and all other matter and energy being located in the flow of time, it takes quants with it. Constantly. All the time. After a while, atoms collapse, followed by complete cells, I’m aging. Since we know the phenomenon of the quantum entanglement, I have access to the quants being taken away at any time, I am able to remember! „The tooth of time “…. “leave things (information) behind “….“Looking back “… all this suddenly had an entirely new dimensions.

The inspiring effect of wet feet

Talking of dimensions! In a spell of iconoclasm, I had begun to rip apart what we believed to know for centuries about some basic questions. All or nothing, right? Let’s go on! According to modern physics we live in a four-dimensional world. The three dimensions are well-known, as fourth one spacetime got accepted. What, if that was not correct!? How can three further spatial dimensions be accepted to spacetime? Is there space and „extra space “? I do not think so. So, what if spacetime was a kind of a „superdimension “, containing the three others and possibly still many more? Or if the classical three dimensions were characteristics of spacetime, but not really independent dimensions? In this case, researchers as for instance Lisa Randall could be right with the theory that there were extremely many little dimensions „rolled up“ in spacetime. The dimensions which we normally call such, are „rolled down“, meaning in action.

This consideration can be only correct, if time also had a kind of „inside “. And…it has! We know, that time doesn’t elapse in a linear manner. If it would, we wouldn’t have to adjust even atomic clocks now and then. If it would, one minute on ISS would be just as long, as it is here on earth. We know, this is not the case. Could the „inside“ of time be flexible ? Possibly. And what about our sense for time? We have one. Quite some biologists are searching for the location of the body clock, its effects are unquestionably proven. With this body clock, timing our metabolim for example, we seem to have an „inner timer“. It may be difficult to determine the exact time of the day, if we were sat in a dark room for long enough. We nevertheless sense the elapsing of time.
Let us draw a mental picture. Regarded from the outside, spacetime could look like a tube, or better like a hose, because of the pliancy. If cut open, there is to be found a lattice structure, causing the space characteristics, and a floating wave. If it hits the „lattice knots “, it changes its behavior, producing higher or smaller ridges. This movements of the inner wave inflicts tiny moves on the whole system. This is of minor influence, for my imagined „super-dimension“ of course is infinite.

Because spacetime is flexible, it flexes. It forms a loop and by this creates….A universe. Here I meet the boundaries of my imaginative power. I hold it likewise to be possible that it did this only once, sort of a „misshap “ if you like, and we are inside of this „misshap“. However I also can imagine, that it really liked „looping“ and did it over and over again. Since spacetime is infinitely large in my hypothesis, it could do this really many, many times, producing a whole bunch of universes. Of course it is also able to curl up itself like a snake, then we would live in a Multiverse, as some physicists actually do believe.


Spacetime, toasters and the Big Bang

If spacetime forms a loop, it produces a kind of a „ short-circuit “with itself (spray of sparks, bang = Big Bang; pretty much like a short-circuit in a toaster, but less annoying). Due to this short-circuit the dimensions develop, better, unfold themselves so that our loop and also the inner wave get an interior. „The walls “of spacetime are permeable to spacetime contents. Further spacetime can now interact with itself, which it does, flowing in all directions. It flows through everything that lies within its loop. Through Universe, sun, earth, even through the computer, on which I’m currently typing. Matter particles, spacetime and energy waves like eachother really very much, and therefore „stick“ together, when and where ever possible. For matter, this sticking entails a slow however continuous decay. For energy, it consequences in a change, like friction changes into warmth for example. If we could climb outside of this construction we would see, that neither matter nor energy move by themselves. All that’s moving is spacetime, which carries matter and energy forward and transforms them. „The adhesive “is by the way what we generally call gravitation. Gravitation is a consequence of the spacetime, maybe caused by its waving. It makes the formed loop and its inside „sticky“, so that matter and energy can hang onto it. In this consideration, the strings in string theory would be „pieces of spacetime “ which are formed by accumulation of matter or energy, simply because while flowing by, more and more of them remain sticking. The more is „stuck together“ the more adhesive is present, which increases the adhesive force, more and more, till as for instance on Earth 1 g or even more is reached.

The first important consequence of this hypothesis would be that we do not move at all. Instead spacetime moves us, making it posible for us to float through the „short-circuit field“. If we go somewhere, then we bend or stretch the space around us. Because spacetime forms a unit, the time we need for going from A to B tells us, how much we bent space. Here, dear Albert Einstein greets. Which pleases me in this, freely admitted very unusual hypothesis (of course! It is mine) , is that quantum theories and the general theory of relativity do not necessarily have „to bite eachother“ any longer. The natural laws are not simply there, but represent a consequence of the spacetime loop as well as of the arrangement and density of the stuck together „space-time bits “. Incidental remark: At the moment I consider, whether the strings could also be small „spacetime knots“. If spacetime interacts infinitely with itself, such „knot formations “ are conceiveable.

In plain language, the ultimative question, how our universe actually ticks, would now have to read: „How is the spacetime loop constituted, in which we are? “ Basically, its form and size causes everything that takes place and existsts in our universe. Soles of the foot, stars, solar systems, pulsars and coffee cups are „spacetime concentrations “, which perhaps give us a reference to the form of our loop. If we stayed with my hypothesis we could say, if we really want to understand our universe, we have to understand the nature of spacetime. Possibly we already are on the trace: Could it be that the so far still quite puzzling dark matter and dark energy are the “materials”, of which spacetime consists?

Maybe not all that far off?

We know from particle physics, that atoms contain very much empty space, compared to their size. Why this is the case, is still unknown. Perhaps because this place is needed for the flow of space-time? Does spacetime has to flow through it, because the atom would collapse otherwise? I think, this is quite conceivable. That would mean, the perishability is a fundamental condition for matter, or the price, matter pays for its existence. If it would not be ready for this, it would prevent its own existence by offending the function of spacetime, which builds it up quantum per quantum and reduces it the same way.

Natural sciences and humane disciplines are often considered as the two sides of a coin. Unfortunately the coin, which can be seen as the demand for understanding, is forgotten regularly. For this reason I would like to add a spiritual side to my hypothesis aswell. Possibly spacetime is what is regarded as eternity in many spiritual convictions. Time and eternity are closely linked in Christian teachings only. In most other faiths and beliefs eternity could be seen as „all of time and all of things/energies “. The genesises of mankind, which by the way resemble eachother in almost obvious way, could be seen as they were describtions of the „cord sample “, which was used for our universe. I would like to introduce the idea to researchers in all disciplines, to rather take these legends metaphorically than to take them literally. For example the contentious 7 days of creation. How is one day defined exactly? One day is usually regarded as the time that elapses, while earth turns around itself once. One day is however also a unit closed in itself, which describes the time needed to complete a segment of a project, the well-known and metaphorical day work. I am convinced, that the seventh day, the one on which God rested, was a day of creation, too. With God, creation rested also….or did it stabilize, did it „switch on “?

The very first cause is…Devine

What is God in this hypothesis? Does He have a place? Per definitionem, yes! If spacetime forms its loop, it interacts with itself. For the very first time. It exchanges itself with itself, changing and exchanging over and over again. This information exchange, as well as the reaction to it could be regarded as a very pragmatic definition of intelligence or consciousness. I borrow a term from Stephen Hawking. He calls God a kind of „superconsciousness “. This term pleases me, because it fits well with my hypothesis of „primal intelligence “ which spacetime receives by its entanglement with itself. One could say very simplified, God, natureful, intelligently and infinitely in its potentiality, has made all possible as he was the „first spacetime knot “ in our loop. Then, dear readers, he has indeed created and caused everything, because his presence alone makes ours possible. The less „particles to be bonded “at the spacetime lattices, the „more divine “ are the entities, they represent. So all Gods humans ever knew and still will become acquainted with ,would have a spot in this concept. Contrary to the other spacetime entanglements the Gods seem to be able to „put on and off“ matter and energy, very easily, perhaps on their own choice and decision. If more or less complex spacetime entanglements result in intelligence, then they make the freedom of will and of choice possible, don’t they?

It is very likely, that the internal nature of all existing is at least one spacetime entanglement. If we set above views away, it becomes due to this asumption not only conceivably, but logically that everything which is, carries „a spark of God “ within. This idea is as old as mankind. If we assume further the fact that after the law of harmony „like attracts like“ , this could explain the striving for the higher and „purer“ in all of us. I write „purer“in quotation marks, because I think matter isn’t better than energy or vice versa. Both are conditions formed, so that the spacetime entanglements in our hypothesis can express themselves. Where does the desire for self-expression come from? Perhaps spacetime „knows“ that it is eternal and universal. Perhaps it got curious, and that’s why it entangled? Going like: „How about trying boundaries? I never knew them before“ Now it tries to express itself in all possible varieties and within the selected, or chosen boundaries. That could be „the engine “ driving what we call evolution….
…………………………………………………………..To be continued…………………………………………………………………………………


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